bitterby Miranda Beverly Whittemore

published by Crown Publishing

Bittersweet is a coming of age book that follows outsider Mabel. Mabel is going to a very prestigious and “rich kid” college, her room-mate is Ev. Ev is a typical rich kid and things that Mabel is just not fit to be her friend. Mabel is not a rich kid, so why waste her time. Over the course of the school year they actual end up bonding and Ev invites Mabel to her summer home in Vermont.

Mabel see’s all their wealth and affluence and wants everything they have for herself. What she doesn’t see on the surface is all the turmoil, backstabbing and just what the price of fame really cost. Through out the book Mabel grows and learns that money truly can’t buy happiness, and the grass is never greener on the other side.

Bittersweet is a great book that I’m so happy to have because I will be rereading this book! Grab a copy at your local bookstore you’ll want this one on your bookshelf for sure.

This book would be a great book club pick and lends itself to lots of discussion. Crown Publishing makes it real simple and came up with the perfect book club menu for the Bittersweet discussion.

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