The Feathered Bone

by Julie Cantrell

The Feathered Bone by Julie Cantrell


The Feathered Bone is every parents worst nightmare and sadly this happens, it actually happened to my best friends family in 1986 in New Orleans so I might have been a hard book critic for this since I kinda lived on the outside of what this did to her family. The book was very well written and the emotions she portrayed through out were spot on. My only problem was the ending, it was not the ending my friends family got, nor the ending that the New Orleans police said would happen in 9 out of 10 cases, so I guess for this book she was the 10th case. All in all it is very much a roller coaster ride of a book to read and one that leaves you a little rattled and drained. The Feathered Bone is full of heartbreak and love, guilt and falling to pieces so that you can slowly build yourself back up again. While this is not a beach read that you breeze through it is a good book and even though the ending was not realistic I would still recommend it.

summary: In the pre-Katrina glow of New Orleans, Amanda Salassi is anxious about chaperoning her daughter’s sixth grade field trip to the Big Easy during Halloween. And then her worst fears come true. Her daughter’s best friend, Sarah, disappears amid the magic and revelry—gone, without a trace.

Unable to cope with her guilt, Amanda’s daughter sinks in depression. And Amanda’s husband turns destructive as he watches his family succumb to grief. Before long, Amanda’s whole world has collapsed.

Amanda knows she has to save herself before it’s too late. As she continues to search for Sarah, she embarks on a personal journey, seeking hope and purpose in the wake of so much tragedy and loss.

thank you booklook bloggers and Thomas Nelson for allowing me to read and review The Feathered Bone. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the book.