Nantucket and Adagio Apricot Green Tea

by Nan Rossiter


Over twenty-five years ago, Liam Tate and Acadia McCormick Knox fell in love. It was summer on Nantucket, and seventeen-year-old Liam knew that wealthy, college-bound Cadie was way out of league for a local boy who restored boats for a living. Yet the two became inseparable, seizing every chance to slip away in Liam’s runabout to secluded spots, far from the world that was trying to keep them apart.

First off I have to confess I've always dreamed off going to Nantucket. Ever since watching Wings I've always thought it would be so neat to visit or even live on Nantucket island. My love for Nantucket and this beautiful cover made me want to read this book. Nantucket was a lovely book and great. It was full of heart-break, healing and romance. As the novel spans the characters grow and change and you read their progression. The main character in Nantucket is a man who is so different from most love story novels, it was a great surprise! I really enjoyed Nantucket and hope she writes more novels! 


While reading Nantucket I enjoyed a great fruity green tea by Adagio Teas. The Apricot Green Tea is such a light fruity tasting tea, making it perfect for hot as well as iced. The tea is naturally flavored with apricots, marigold flowers, dried apples and green tea leaves. It was so easy to make since they include every thing you need to make a great cup of tea on the zip locked storage bag that contains your dried tea leaves. I used my cute little tea-cup and my Keurig. In 3 minutes I was sipping a some apricot green tea and reading Nantucket!
I use to think I knew good tea, I always bought the best teas in a bag. I'm not sure after trying loose leaf tea if I can go back to bagged after tasting many of Adagio's teas. I've partnered with them and will be showcasing many of their teas! 
thank you netgalley and Kensington for allowing me to review Nantucket. Grab your copy when it goes on sale August 25th. Thank you so very much Adagio Teas for allowing me to review many of your yummy teas. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free book or teas.