Come Away With Me

by Karma Brown

Come Away With Me


Come Away with Me takes the reader on a journey full of all ranges of emotions. Karma Brown wrote Tegan with such raw real emotions while I’ve never had to experience the amount of pain and lose she I think Karma Brown portrayed it very well. I can’t even imagine going through what she had to experience. I was so surprised that this was a debut novel for this author, I mean she came out full force and does not disappoint. I will grab anything Karma Brown does if they are all amazing journey’s just like Tegan and Gabes. I could totally understand how both of the characters felt and wanted them to finally find their way back to each other, forgiveness, and a bit of happy. Tegan wasn’t the only one living with this massive amount of pain and emptiness, I felt like Gabe was keeping it together by a thread and trying to stay strong for Tegan. He didn’t get to grief, rant, and rage as much as Tegan. I have already recommended this book to so many, I’m so glad I picked up a copy. The cover is what grabbed me but it is just a tiny sliver of what the book is really about. I can’t wait to read more by a new author who is now on my must read list!

summary:¬†An unexpected journey leads one woman to find hope and healing in the most unlikely places…

Tegan Lawson has everything she could hope for: an adoring husband, Gabe, and a baby on the way. But suddenly, her life is irreversibly changed when a patch of black ice causes a devastating accident.

Just when Tegan is on the verge of hitting rock bottom, Gabe reminds her of their Jar of Spontaneity, a collection of their dream destinations and experiences. And so begins an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime. From the colorful, bustling markets of Thailand to the rich flavors of Italy to the azure ocean waves in Hawaii, Tegan and Gabe embark on a journey in search of forgiveness and renewal. And as they explore the cultures and beautiful landscapes of these faraway places, they learn that acceptance often comes when we least expect it. Heartbreaking, hopeful and utterly transporting, Come Away with Me is an unforgettable debut and a luminous celebration of the strength of the human spirit.