She’s Not There

by Joy Fielding

Shes Not There by Joy Fielding


You can’t go wrong when it’s a Joy Fielding book. There are a few authors that I know no matter what the books will be great and she is one of those authors. She’s Not There reminds me a lot of the Madeleine McCann case in the beginning. That case I remember so well since I had a 2.5 year old, I couldn’t even imagine what that family went through and still goes through on a day to day basis.

She’s Not There I think did a good job at portraying how the family dynamics fall apart when a tragedy falls on them. I thought each character was developed very well and while I can say I didn’t like some of them I did enjoy reading their stories and how they unfolded. The oldest daughter is exactly how I see a child that is left would act. The story was a page turner and I liked how it kept shifting from present day to year past as the whole story developed. I saw a small part of the ending that happened but I didn’t really see the whole curve ball that was thrown. In all I should have but Joy Fielding did a great job at keeping the reader guessing how they missed some of those clues.  I give this one 5 stars and would recommend it for any reader. There is no gore or violence it is a great suspense story that while might not be exactly ripped from the headlines, most of us will see some similarities.

summary:  “I think my real name is Samantha. I think I’m your daughter.”

Carole Shipley’s heart nearly stops when she hears those words from the voice on the other end of the phone. Instantly, she’s thrust fifteen years into the past, to a posh resort in Baja, Mexico—and the fateful night her world collapsed.

The trip is supposed to be a celebration. Carole’s husband, Hunter, convinces her to leave their two young daughters, Michelle and Samantha, alone in their hotel suite while the couple enjoys an anniversary dinner in the restaurant downstairs. But returning afterward, Carole and Hunter make a horrifying discovery: Two-year-old Samantha has vanished without a trace.

What follows are days, weeks, and years of anguish for Carole. She’s tormented by media attention that has branded her a cold, incompetent mother, while she struggles to save her marriage. Carole also has to deal with the demands of her needy elder daughter, Michelle, who is driven to cope in dangerous ways. Through it all, Carole desperately clings to the hope that Samantha will someday be found—only to be stung again and again by cruel reality.

Plunged back into the still-raw heartbreak of her daughter’s disappearance, and the suspicions and inconsistencies surrounding a case long gone cold, Carole doesn’t know whom or what to believe. The only thing she can be sure of is that someone is fiercely determined to hide the truth of what happened to Samantha.

thank you Random House Publishing Group – Ballatine, netgalley and Joy Fielding for allowing me to read and review She’s Not There. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free book.


Maximum Exposure {and Bigelow Caramel Chai tea}

Max Revere Series: Book .5 (novella)

by Allison Brennan

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Maximum Exposure by Allison Brennan


I love mysteries, crime dramas and thrillers. My favorite show when it was on was Cold Case, man I loved that show and wish it was still on or that I could watch it again somehow.  I just discovered Allison Brennan when I picked up book 1 of this series Notorious at Barnes and Noble. I haven’t started it yet I was finishing up another book, well I found out last night there was a novella that explains a bit of background stuff before Notorious picks up.

Max Revere is a very likable character and very determined to give families and friends the closure they need even if the truth hurts. She has experienced the same heartbreak and unanswered questions as the families and friends of the cold cases that she is helping solve. She works alone and likes it that way, she has trust issues and a very very short list of friends. Maximum Exposure lets the reader inside Max’s head and shows why she is the way she is. She is very smart and great instincts. She can get people to admit and say things that they don’t want anyone to know. She might go outside the lines of the law to get the results she needs but she never is destructive or destructive when getting to the bottom of a case. She wants to see justice being served and sometimes doesn’t like when the law and punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

I can’t wait to read Notorious now that I’ve read Maximum Exposure. While you can start this series without the reading the novella, it is a short fast read and really gives you the back story. You can grab a copy through Amazon  and Barnes and Noble for $1.99.

I paired this book with some yummy Bigelow Caramel Chai Black Tea.

Bigelow Caramel Chai


I love tea and always drink a cup while reading. This one was a new one to me and it was perfect. I usually take my tea plain with no sweeteners but I added some honey and it added a depth to the chai that made it so yummy. { photo source }


I bought the book and tea so no compensation was giving for both reviews. I just love tea and books so I am going to start sharing my book reviews with the tea’s I drink and love.