The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden

Grow Tons of Organic Vegetables in Tiny Spaces and Containers
by Karen Newcomb

Spring is around the corner and garden plans are being made. Seed catalogs are being mailed and stores are digging out all their gardening supplies. Every year I say this year will be the year I turn our unused green space into pretty gardens. I love veggies and eat tomatoes like most people eat apples. Last year we did a local CSA and it was great and all but at $35 a week it added up fast. Just think if I took a months worth of CSA money and spent it on making a big vegetable garden!

Each chapter explains so much and you learn so much. I really think while this book is probably made for the beginning gardener an experienced gardener would enjoy reading it also. Karen Newcomb even includes chapters on plants that get along and pest control. Thanks to her chapter on how to compost I plan on starting our composting in the spring. I’m a little nervous but she really explained all the do’s, dont’s, gave great tips and even a quick guide method.

She spends a lot of time explaining all the different types of vegetables and herbs that you can plant. Everything type listed included the everything you ever wanted or needed to know about each. You can’t go wrong and mess things up. The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden will make a green thumb out any reader and make you a proud veggie garden owner!


Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

by Neil Patrick Harris


You remember choose your own adventure books right? They were so popular when I was younger. They were so much fun and it was like you were getting several books in one. Plus I know you know who Neil Patrick Harris is?  I’ve been watching him since he was Doogie Howser. We love him in the Smurf movies and of course there is always Barney. Well he wrote one the best autobiographies I’ve ever read!

Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Biography is so much to read. Many times biographies for me can be a bit dry, boring and just not that much fun to read. I’m not a biography girl. However I knew I wanted to read this since Neil Patrick Harris is such a fun guy!

This biography will have you smiling, laughing out loud so much people are going to stop you and ask what are you reading! This book is also sad in parts and he doesn’t hold anything back it is honest and emotional and you will end up loving him even more for this book! I have learned so much about this actor that really loves life, is witty, talented and an amazing author!!! I will be reading this book many times! I hope he writes many more books. He would be a wonderful children’s author. Oh my gosh would those children’s books be so amazing! All and all this book was amazing and if every biography was like this I’d totally be a biography reading girl! 🙂

I hear that the audio version of this book is wonderful, his narration is so great it will be like Neil is sitting in the car talking your ear off. I placed it on hold at my library I have to hear this!